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Helicopters are undoubtedly the most sensitive, challenging and exciting of airborne machines to tame. The decision to learn to fly is not a light one … who to learn with is just as critical a decision.

As one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest operations with international contracts, Aeropower has the strength, the safety record, and the resources … not to mention the most qualified instructors who are dedicated to fulfilling your aviation ambitions.

This website details all the information you need to make an informed decision about who you learn to fly with. It covers the strength and structure of the company, the helicopters we operate, the courses we offer and the time it will take, the instructors who will take you through step by step, the basic requirements and costs.

Are you ready to launch on the road to your Private or Commercial Helicopter Licence? If so then download the “16 Questions you must ask your flight school“ report.

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Helicopter Flight School July 20, 2013


Hangar 32, Redcliffe Aerodrome
Nathan Road, Rothwell 4022
Queensland, Australia

Head Office Phone: (07) 3385 9500
Website: http://aeropowerflightschool.com.au
Email: fly@aeropowerflightschool.com.au


ISO 9001 Certified
RTO No. 2912
CRICOS No. 03250B
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