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Aerial photography and filming are widely used because of the impact and unique perspective that this imagery can achieve. While movie filming and corporate photography immediately jumps to mind there are many other uses for aerial photography – construction progress photos, real estate, surveys and mapping are a few. And what better part of the world than Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to capture amazing natural panoramas.

aerial-photography-brisbaneIn Brisbane, helicopters provide a number of advantages as a photo platform over cranes, gantries, fixed wing aircraft and drones.

The ability to remove doors, not having wings to shoot around, slow or hovering flight, ability to carry multiple cameras and lens, fast transit times, low or high altitude, GPS accuracy and pilots with not only local knowledge but an understanding of the needs of aerial photographers – add up to giving you the best chance to capture the perfect shots for your clients.

Aeropower pilots are regularly selected to work closely with some of the largest and most successful Aerial Photography and Filming agencies in South East Queensland. This makes us one of the most dependable and respected companies for this type of work in the area.

Our pilots are experienced, ensuring high levels of safety whilst understanding that to you time literally is money. We will work with you and provide suggestions to plan the most time and cost effective methods of getting the shots you need.

Weather can make or break an aerial shoot. The shadow of a cloud across the middle of your shot can detract from an otherwise great photo. We can be flexible around your schedule and the weather to either postpone a flight or to provide a flight at short notice. If you are not sure about the weather then give us a call to discuss and we can use the weather tools at our disposal to give you our best estimate of the likely conditions.

If you have a question about aerial photography or would like to book a flight call us today on (07) 3385 9535

Our customers frequently have aerial photo needs that see us operating over the Brisbane CBD, Moreton Bay, Redcliffe, Samford Valley, Glass House Mountains and Sunshine Coast. To see if we can cover your site and for an idea of prices let us know what you are trying to achieve.

aerial-photography-brisbane helicopter

Tips for your first aerial photography flight:

  • The morning is the best time of day to plan your flight. Generally there is less cloud early in the day. Once the sun gets directly overhead you may find your photos look ‘flat’ due to the lack of shadow.
  • Bring a small collection of lens (2-3 max) to provide you some flexibility in FOV and zoom. Be careful how you plan to secure your spare lens in the cockpit as the doors will most likely be off. Some photographers bring two cameras with different lens fitted so that they do not have to change lens mid-flight.
  • Send a map of your route as early as you can to the pilot. A Google Earth map or street directory showing the points you want to photo works well. This allows the pilot to prepare a flightplan, calculate fuel and to determine if any traffic clearances will need to be arranged.
  • Expect delays if the points you want to photo are east of the Storey Bridge through to Tingalpa or Belmont area. Arrivals and departures from Brisbane Airport can mean air traffic clearances may have to be arranged before takeoff. If in doubt talk to your pilot about options avaliable to you. Saturday afternoons or Sundays are the best times to minimise delays in this area.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day of your booking.
  • To minimise the chance of blurring use a aircraft (like a helicopter) that can reduce its speed, use a fast shutter speed and slipstream keep the lens and camera body inside the cabin to reduce any buffeting from the slipstream.
  • Reduce any extra items that you might have on you in pockets or anything that you don’t need to take flying. You will be able to secure any additional equipment or gear at the office. This results in less items that may become loose in the cockpit or fall out of open doors.



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