Aeropower Engineering

Aeropower Engineering

Aeropower has a CASA approved maintenance facility that operates on both a ‘System of Maintenance’ designed specifically to meet the stringent maintenance requirements insisted on by Aeropower as well as scheduled maintenance. The Aeropower helicopter maintenance system reflects that used by Regular Public Transport (RPT) and commercial passenger aircraft, thereby minimising risk and enhancing safety.

Having an in-house engineering support team means that any servicing can be done then and there.  Not only increasing safety but allowing students to get ‘hands on’ experience around the helicopters.


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Hangar 32, Redcliffe Aerodrome
Nathan Road, Rothwell 4022
Queensland, Australia

Head Office Phone: (07) 3385 9500


ISO 9001 Certified
RTO No. 2912
CRICOS No. 03250B
Overseas Student Info (Pending)

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