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Already a Pilot – ADF Flying Currency Scheme (AFCS) Card Holders

If you are an aircrew member posted to a ground position in the Brisbane region then you may be eligible for the AFCS credit card. This scheme is designed to assist aircrew in maintaining their skills during a non-flying posting.

ADF Flying Training Brisbane

Aeropower has conducted a number of endorsements and other training for ADF members enrolled in this scheme. Our MD500 helicopters provide turbine exposure at a rate which provides great bang for your buck. Not only this but the MD500 is iconic as the ‘Little Bird’ operated by other military forces. See why it’s called the Ferrari of the helicopter world and experience the manoeuvrability this platform can offer.

Aeropower Helicopter’s location at Redcliffe makes it an easy drive from Enoggera or the Brisbane CBD. Our insurance explicitly includes the Commonwealth as an insured party at the request of 16 Aviation Brigade legal consul. We know very well the time demands that some appointments are faced with so are more than happy to start and finish training flights from Duncan Oval at Enoggera or other Defence property at your invitation. This minimises your time out of the office and keeps your weekends to yourself.

There is typically an underspend on the AFCS budget so make sure you take advantage of the scheme to keep your hand in at flying. Its always nice to pickup some extra type endorsements for the logbook too. Brave the R22 if you want to see how the other half live.

If you would like assistance with converting your military qualifications to CASA recognised civil qualifications then let the team know.

Looking to become a Pilot?

If you have served overseas then it will be rare that you have not seen or experienced the utility and capability that helicopters can offer. And Yes, flying them really is as fun as it looks.

If being a helicopter pilot is something that you think you might be interested in then get in contact or drop in for a coffee. Aeropower has a small number of Defence/ex-Defence members training and employed with the company who can give you the low down on the training requirements and the industry outlook.

The skills and training that you receive in the military will also benefit you in this line of work. It does take dedication and a high level of personal discipline to be a truely professional pilot.

Try a Trial Introductory Flight as a way of putting your toe in the water and go from there.



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Queensland, Australia

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