Clean Up Australia Day 2015 – Now with more helicopter!

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11 Feb 2015, Brisbane Queensland

Help From Above For Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day 2015 will be the 25th year that the event has been run and it is now an Australian institution. Each year in parks, beaches and bushland across Australia volunteers remove several tonnes of rubbish and make a real contribution to the lifestyle and environment that we are lucky to enjoy.

Aeropower Pty Ltd is a helicopter company that supports the electrical industry around Australia to deliver power to homes and businesses and also operates a helicopter training school at Redcliffe, Queensland.

During flight operations crews sadly spot areas that have been used as dumping grounds that are out of sight and out of mind from ground level and difficult to access.

This year Aeropower staff and students will be coordinating a Clean Up Australia Day site at Redcliffe Airfield, Nathan Road, Kippa Ring. The aim of the team is to clear rubbish from the protected mangrove reserve that borders the airfield. A company helicopter will be used to assist the removal of some items from hard to reach areas.

“We are looking forward to it” says Rob Winter, Aeropower Chief Flying Instructor. “This is a great chance for staff and friends of the company to contribute back to our local Redcliffe community in a different way. We fly over this area most days so it will be rewarding to have a hand in looking after the mangroves.”

“Having the helicopter support provides several training benefits for our air and ground crews as well as making it feasible to remove larger items of rubbish from some hard to get to spots.”

General information about Clean Up Australia Day and locations to volunteer at can be found at

Aeropower Pty Ltd is an Australian airborne electrical contractor, Quality Management System AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Certified, commencing operations in 1991 and dedicated to serving the electrical industry in airborne maintenance. The company headquarters and helicopter training school is co-located at the Redcliffe QLD base and provides a full range of pilot training services. Website:


An MD500 helicopter operated by Aeropower sits on the trolly at Redcliffe Aerodrome

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