FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Helicopter Flight Training

Is there a minimum age to start flying lessons?

You can start training at any age and fly with an instructor. There are some practical limitations such as the ability to reach the controls to consider.

Their are some minimum ages which relate to solo flight and licensing.

To flying by yourself (solo) you must be 15. To sit the flight test for a Private Pilot’s Licence PPL(H) you must be 17 and for a Commercial Pilot’s Licence CPL(H) you will need to be 18.

For example you could complete all your training and on your 18th birthday under take the flight test and be awarded your CPL.

How long does each lesson take?

At Aeropower we schedule each lesson calendar entry for a block of 2 hours.

We find this is sufficient for a lesson brief, the flight and then a post flight debrief. It is important that you turn up on time or early so that you are ready to start at your scheduled time. As you progress towards the end of the syllabus this time will increase as your lessons become more complex and in-depth.

Do you charge for pre-flight briefings?

No. We are here to assist you in anyway we can for you to earn your licence. You only pay for the operating time of the helicopter. The more knowledge we can impart on the ground and provide answers to your questions the more you will benefit from your flight time and the stronger your background knowledge will be.

How much money will I need to invest into gaining my license?

The cost of your licence is made up of theory exam expenses, flight training aircraft hire, flight testing officer fee and miscellaneous expenses such as maps, stationary and aviation medical.

Everyone learns differently however generally the costs are as follows:
PPL(H) ranges from $30,000-$35,000; and,
CPL(H) ranges from $60,000-$70,000.

These costs are based on aircraft hire rates, hours required for the licence type and theory exam expenses. We have included some contingency in these numbers to cater for any hiccups in your training. It could end up costing slightly less but best to budget on the safe side!

How long will it take to get my helicopter license?

It all depends on your availability, continuity of training and what else you have going on in your life at the time! The length of time to complete study for the 7 theory exams as full-time theory typically takes about 8 – 12 weeks.

We generally wouldn’t recommend attempting to fly in excess of two lessons a day, five days a week. If you were able to do this then you could finish in about 4 months.
If you are going to fly full-time, then we recommend you have the majority of your theory completed before you do too much flying. If you are flying one or two hours a week then the theory can be done in conjunction with your flying.

What can I do with a Private Pilot’s Licence?

The PPL(H) enables you to fly anywhere in Australia with passengers during daylight hours, in any helicopter for which you have an endorsement.

Generally, Private pilots may not be paid for flying, but you can fly friends and family (up to 6) for the ultimate sharing fun.

What can I do with a Commercial Pilot’s Licence?

The CPL(H) enables you to fly anywhere in Australia with passengers during daylight hours, in any helicopter for which you have an endorsement.

Commercial pilots may be paid for flying. Any commercial activities must be conducted under an organisation which holds an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC).

What is a TIF?

A Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) is the first flight for a student pilot. It is a chance to experience flight in a helicopter and see if indeed it is something that you would like to progress with.

Actually, we recommend that all potential pilots undertake one!

Our TIF starts with a full pre-flight briefing, safety briefing and helicopter familiarisation walk around. You then get airborne with an instructor for just under 45 minutes of actual flying time during which you are on the controls for as much time as possible. On return your instructor will take you through a full debrief. This can include a question and answer session about future studies.

The entire experience takes approx 1hr 30min. This is a good opportunity to ‘test drive’ the training school and see if helicopter flying and the organisation are a good fit for you.

The flight time can be entered into your logbook and counts towards your overall helicopter licence hours!

Can I bring my own helicopter (BYOH)?

We can provide training in your own helicopter at our discretion. It will need to be inspected by our company engineers and our instructors named on your insurance certificate before training commences. Fuel can be bought from Aeropower or fixed bowser at Redcliffe. You would then just pay an hourly rate for our instructors.



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