Pilot Employment Boost Package

Employment Package


Gaining your commercial helicopter license is a challenging process requiring a significant amount of study and effort on your behalf. And not a small financial investment too.

With your licence in hand though you’ll face another hurdle on your road to your helicopter career – getting a flying position to build up those important early hours of commercial and flying experience to the point where more and more options open up for you.

You shouldn’t expect to be swamped with job offers the day after your licence test. There will be other passionate pilots out there looking for the same jobs you are.

And leaving your job search until after you have your licence is not the most effective way of approaching this. Smart pilots get ahead of the game early.

We’ve got your back.

Nicole Allen is our external Recruitment and Resume expert who works with our CPL students.

Nicole Allen is our external HR expert who works with our CPL students.

This is where Aeropower Flight School’s Pilot Employment Boost Package comes in. This is a FREE service offered to all our CPL students through an external Recruitment Specialist designed (as the name suggests) to give you an exceptional advantage in the employment market.

Aeropower is the first flying school in Australia to include this vocational service in your training.

It consists of 3 main components:

  • Resume preparation
  • Interview coaching
  • Employer networking

Do you know how many resumes a Chief Pilot fields every month?

Ask any Chief Pilot and they’ll be able to show you a pile of resumes in their filing cabinet. You have a couple of seconds to make an impression and if your cover letter and resume aren’t up to scratch then might not get any more attention than that.

Option 1 You could go this alone…

Option 2 Or be interviewed by our Recruitment Specialist and have your resume and cover letter custom designed for your background experience and the role you are looking to apply for. This is a resume created by someone that looks at resumes from job applicants for a living. This gives you the best chance to present that all important first impression.

Interview Coaching and Strategy

The job interview has been called the second worst way to assess someone for a job. But all the others are tied for last place.

We all get nervous and can stumble through questions that would normally be fine for us. There is a reason we practise engine failures on your training course. And the same holds true if you want to perform well in an interview. You don’t go in cold – you practise and improve your approach under the helpful eye of an expert.

That’s why we also ensure you get one-on-one interview preparation during your CPL course. With a bit of guided practise and feedback under your belt you are going to be miles ahead of other applicants that are winging it.

Warm Introductions

Cold calling is not an ideal sales strategy. And it doesn’t rate highly as a job seeking strategy too.

Again we’ve got your back.

As you near the end of your CPL training we will start contacting possible employers through our network and let them know a little more about you. This helps you get a leg in the door and turns your two dimensional resume coming across their desk into a person with great attitude and exceptional ability to do the job.


What is Included

Cover letter and resume prep – $200 value

LinkedIn.com profile creation – $189 value

Recruitment strategy – $50 value

Interview prep – $100 value

Industry networking – $100 value

Follow up phone call – $50 value

Total value = $689

You pay = $0


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