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Aeropower Pty Ltd is a safety focused and performance based organisation that strives to create and deliver outcomes that our customers value.

Aeropower Pty Ltd is a leader in the provision of aviation services to the utility sector, specialising in the aerial patrol, surveillance, inspection and maintenance of electrical transmission line infrastructure and associated Asset Management Support services.


As a pioneer in the use of helicopters for the patrol and maintenance of electrical infrastructure, Aeropower has 23 years’ experience in Australia and internationally including the provision of services such as:

  • Airborne patrol and inspection of electrical transmission and distribution lines
    • Methodical Inspection and defect capture and management
    • Infra-Red and Corona Inspections
    • LiDAR
  • Airborne maintenance and project services within a live line environment
    • Aerial platform live line service
    • Insulator washing
    • Insulator Voltage Testing and String Replacement
    • Ohmstik full tension joint inspection
    • Damper replacement
    • Full tensions compression splicing
  • Construction of tower and electrical infrastructure
    • wire stringing
    • long lining
    • installation of fibre optic earthing wire on towers
  • Easement Assessment, Tower Transfer and Ferrying.

Aeropower has conducted more than 90,000 hours of aviation operations for Utilities in Australia, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Hong Kong / China and Israel.

Aeropower is an experienced Electrical Contractor (Licensed in Queensland, Australia for the Performance of Electric Line Work) and has developed comprehensive Work Instructions / Safe Work Methods for all aspects of transmission line patrol, inspection, washing, maintenance and construction. These have been developed and refined over 23 years in the industry and are maintained under AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.




Hangar 32, Redcliffe Aerodrome
Nathan Road, Rothwell 4022
Queensland, Australia

Head Office Phone: (07) 3385 9500


ISO 9001 Certified
RTO No. 2912
CRICOS No. 03250B
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