The Flight School

The Flight School

The Schweizer 300 CBi, Robinson R22 and Robinson R44 are also used to provide flight training. Given the size and diversity of our fleet, we have a team of experienced full time engineers on staff. What this means to you as a student is that aircraft are maintained at our training base and any maintenance requirements are immediately dealt with onsite.

Aeropower Flight School is located 30 minutes north of Brisbane at Redcliffe Aerodrome. Flight training is conducted in a scenic area of South East Queensland, encompassing the Sunshine Coast, Glass House Mountains and the shores of Bribie Island. Our geographical location allows you exposure and ease of access to the various types of airspace that you will encounter during your flight training without lengthy flying times and minimal landing fees. With Aeropower’s strong international base and combined experience of our flight instructors the company maintains an excellent reputation with its flying school. Involved in a breadth of operations, Aeropower not only offers the prospective student the highest standard of training, but also an insight into and involvement in a commercial and highly professional operation.

What does all that mean for you?

It means that we are a long running and solid company that has an exciting future. Our instructing staff are able to call on the expertise that the company offers to ensure the best flight training environment for you. Aeropower is no startup venture trying to make ends meet. We have proven ourselves over the long haul and will be here well into the future to support your career.

What We Offer

As you can see Aeropower is much more than just a Helicopter Flight School. As a student you benefit in multiple ways from this, not least in that you get to immerse yourself inside a real working company while you study and practice the skills needed for your newly chosen career.

  • Helicopter Flight Training
  • Power Line Patrolling
  • Power Line Stringing
  • Live Line Maintenance Repairs
  • Power Line Washing
  • Fire Fighting
  • Commercial Helicopter Theory Courses
  • Advanced Flight Training
  • Tourism and Executive Charter

Your Instructors and Support Staff

Rob Winter

Chief Flying Instructor / Deputy Chief Pilot

aeropower helictoper training staff rob winter
Currently Aeropower’s Deputy Chief Pilot as well as Chief Flying Instructor, Rob starting taking flying lessons at the age of 11.  Sitting on 2 phone books and a cushion and still unable to see over the dash or reach the pedals of a Cessna 152, Rob achieved his first solo flight on his 16th birthday.

A previous student of Aeropower’s, Rob has worked in most regions of Australia from Charter and tourism, aerial photography, longlining, stringing, platform and fire fighting to name a few.


Chris Bone Helicopter Instructor

Chris Bone

Night Chief Flying Instructor

Chris has spent a large part of his working life in the education field and has previously been a Chief Flying Instructor. Prior to becoming a pilot Chris was a high school teacher in London and then progressed into English language training for staff of a large hotel chain in Thailand. Chris has trained pilots in both the US and in Australia.

His operational experience includes charter operations, aerial work, low level geo survey, search and rescue, fire fighting and emergency medical service flights. His time working with CHC Helicopters in Perth providing search and rescue support to the RAAF allowed Chris to utilise his skills in day and night operations including winch ops, Night Sun approach and searches and night hover over water ops.


Neil Miller

Grade 1 Instructor

Helicopter training in brisbane - neil miller

Neil started his aviation career maintaining helicopters as an avionic technician for the British Army.  He was then accepted onto an Army Pilots Course where he flew the Squirrel AS350.  After completing his Army service Neil moved to Australia, converted his license with Aeropower and obtained an Instructor Rating.  Neil also worked in Mackay conducting Marine Pilot Transfers and various utility work such as slinging equipment for mine site, powerline inspection and aerial fire bombing.

Neil now fly’s offshore for CHC in the EC225 super puma conducting IFR flights day and night in support of the oil and gas companies in the North West Shelf of Australia.  Neil holds an ATPL, Grade 1 Instructor Rating, Instrument Rating, Sling/Winch endorsements, Mustering Rating, Low level rating, NVFR Rating and is endorsed on the following.  EC225, AS332, AS350, B206L, H269, R22, R44, B47


Robert Handasyde

Grade 1 Instructor

After growing up on a farm in the south of WA, Rob found his way to Florida to train for his Helicopter CPL and Instructor Rating. After instructing for a year and he returned to WA to take up a position as a S76 co-pilot flying in support of the Oil and Gas industry. The following years saw Rob continue to progress down the flight instructional path, picking up further experience instructing in WA and QLD before joining the team at Aeropower.


Mick Cullen

Grade 2 Instructor

Helicopter Instructor Mick Cullen at Aeropower Flight SchoolMick has always been interested in aviation and achieved his first solo flight before getting his car licence. He initially trained as a fixed wing pilot completing his commercial multi-engine requirements before applying for the Australian Defence Force.

After completing the Army helicopter courses Mick flew the venerable UH-1H for a number of years and then moved to the Black Hawk helicopter including stints in the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Timor and operations embarked at sea. He was involved in Aviation Safety and Risk Management duties additional to normal flying operations. Mick’s family was slowly growing in number and as it often does this provided a push to new priorities. Mick moved to Brisbane and trained as a helicopter instructor.

Mick brings to Aeropower a variety of skill sets which students can benefit from in their training. He is enjoying the lifestyle change and the challenge of his new role. Mick holds Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing CPLs.


Tyson Pearce

Grade 2 Instructor

Helicopter Instructor Tyson Pearce at Aeropower Flight SchoolTyson has a wealth of aviation knowledge to share with student pilots. He has captained CH-47 Chinook helicopters with the Australian Army in Afghanistan in his previous position.

Tyson has recently moved on to flying for an emergency helicopter organisation which is a testament to his experience and skills. We are excited that he is bringing that experience back to share with students on a casual instructor basis with the team.

Away from the airfield Tyson is an avid fisherman and golfer. His house is the one with in the street with the putting green grass lawn.



Grade 3 Instructor

Brisbane Helicopter Charter - Warren

Warren’s enthusiasm for flying is infectious. He is a past Aeropower student, gained experience as a charter pilot and ground instructor before moving into a flying instruction role with the school.


Stuart Coulter

Charter Pilot, Student Coordinator and Theory Instructor

Brisbane Helicopter Hire - Stuart

There is a high chance that your first contact with the company through email or over the phone will be with Stuart. Stuart manages much of the day to day school operations, ensures students are kept informed of scheduling, assists with external exam bookings along with his flying roles supporting aerial photography and charter flights.


Michael Scott

Charter Pilot

Michael Scott is the charter pilot at AeropowerMichael is a past student of Aeropower Flight School and is now employed as a charter pilot for the company.

Michael has an extensive knowledge of the SE QLD region airspace and regularly flies the Brisbane traffic helicopter in support of local media outlets. Previously he taught commercial helicopter theory at the school and operated in the field as support to company powerline operations throughout Australia.



Bruce Hume

Charter Pilot

brisbane charter helicopter bruce hume

Bruce loves to share his passion for flying with customers during our local area joy flights and customised packages including special event flights into regional venues. Bruce is a Director of Unique Proposals – a service that provides a solution for the perfect proposal.


Hangar 32, Redcliffe Aerodrome
Nathan Road, Rothwell 4022
Queensland, Australia

Head Office Phone: (07) 3385 9500


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CRICOS No. 03250B
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