Helicopter Training International Students (CRICOS)

International Students

Aeropower is a CRICOS approved Helicopter Training school. This means we have been authorised by the Australian Government to provide Helicopter flight training to overseas students that hold a valid student visa.

Aeropower offers fulltime theory and hands on practical flying courses carefully designed to prepare you for the Australian Commercial pilot licence standard. Once you achieve the standard you will be able to convert this back to a valid licence in your home country.

Australia is a popular destination for overseas students seeking to gain their helicopter pilot licence due to consistently good flying weather, low air traffic and a great lifestyle. You will find student communities from China, India, Middle East, and the Pacific region within Brisbane just to name a few.

Aeropower’s CRICOS Registration Code: 03250B


Entry Requirements for Courses


Minimum age of 18

Visa approval for entry to Australia

All international students applying to study in Australia must have a student visa that will remain valid for the duration of their studies.

Health Insurance Cover

Prior to enrolment you will need to provide proof of insurance cover. This will assist you to meet the costs of medical and hospital care should you required it during your course. For further information and assistance on health insurance cover visit this resource, Australian Health Management Pty Ltd (AHM) www.ahm.com.au/oshc .

English proficiency

Our course is conducted in English and requires a minimum proficiency in the English language. Prior to enrolment you will need to provide:

  1. proof of completing an approved English course OR
  2. a score of 5.5 or higher in an officially recognised English Proficiency Test (IELTS).Contact the Australian Embassy closest to you to see if you can do this test in your Country, otherwise you will have to do a course in Australia (we can supply you with information regarding courses if required)

Minimum Physical Requirements

You will need to have a medical examination by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner. Contact the Australian embassy to see if there is an approved Doctor in your country. If this is not possible, we recommend that you have a medical examination that includes an ECG, eyesight, hearing and general health check in your country prior to applying for your Visa.

Modes of Study and How Your Course Will Be Delivered

Course Outline and Modes of Study

The Commercial Pilots Licence is a 33 week course (with up to 4 weeks holiday) combining ground theory instruction, self study, classroom briefings and airborne instruction. It is conducted from Aeropower’s facilities at Redcliffe Aerodrome and utilises surrounding training areas and airspace.

The goal of the course is to prepare students with the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to be a successful, safe and professional commercial helicopter pilot.

During the course several theory and flight examinations required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority will be conducted culminating in a Commercial Pilot Flight Test by an Approved Testing Officer. These are the major assessment milestones of the course. Performance feedback is provided after each flight and a structured syllabus used to track achieved competencies.

  • Theory Subjects
  • Helicopter Aerodynamics
  • Helicopter Engines Systems and Instruments
  • Helicopter Performance Operations and Planning
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Rules
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Flight Sequences

The following are the Core Units of the AVI50315 Diploma of Aviation :

  • AVIE4001 – Maintain aircraft radio communications
  • AVIF0004 – Implement aviation risk management processes
  • AVIF0005 – Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes
  • AVIF0007 – Implement threat and error management strategies
  • AVIF0008 – Manage safe flight operations
  • AVIF0011Manage aircraft passengers and cargo
  • AVIF0014 – Manage human factors in aviation operations
  • AVIH0002Plan a flight under visual flight rules
  • AVIH4001 – Navigate aircraft under visual flight rules
  • AVILIC002Licence to operate a commercial helicopter
  • AVIO0002Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference with aviation
  • AVIW4001 – Manage pre- and post flight actions
  • AVIW5018Operate and manage aircraft systems
  • AVIY0001Operate aircraft using aircraft flight instruments
  • AVIY0002Operate in controlled airspace
  • AVIY0003Operate in Class G airspace
  • AVIY0004Operate at non-towered aerodromes
  • AVIY0005Operate at controlled aerodrome 
  • AVIY0008 – Apply aeronautical knowledge to aviation operations
  • AVIY0009 – Apply the principles of civil air law to aviation operations
  • AVIY0020 – Taxi helicopter
  • AVIY4007 – Manage aircraft fuel
  • AVIY4011Control helicopter on the ground
  • AVIY4012 – Control helicopter in hovering flight
  • AVIY4014 – Take off helicopter and approach for hover
  • AVIY4015 – Control helicopter in normal flight
  • AVIY4017 – Execute advance helicopter manoeuvres and procedures
  • AVIY4018 – Manage abnormal and emergency helicopter flight situations
  • AVIZ4001 – Manage situation awareness in aircraft flight

One General Elective unit is offered:

  • AVIY0021 – Operate helicopter at low level

The wide range of student aptitudes, application and individual circumstances mean that in a very few cases the required competencies are not achieved during the standard course duration. Students are informed as early as possible if this is likely to occur and arrangements for extra resourcing are determined with the student.

Aeropower provides a high instructor to student ratio and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. We are passionate about aviation and passionate about you achieving your goals. You will find significant personal attention and support from our staff.

Course Credits and Recognised Prior Learning(RPL)

Where suitable evidence is provided of prior training or experience then RPL may be granted towards the course competencies. The Student Manager will be able to provide individual advice on a case by case basis.

Enrolment Application, Credit Transfer, Refund Policy, Complaints and Appeals, Student Support

The information is available in the International Student Handbook.  Please contact us to request your copy.

Please see below link to AEI giving information on students rights and refunds.


Course Pathways and Official Arrangement with Other Providers

There are several courses that you can add to the basic Commercial Pilot Course. These provide additional skill sets that are used in the industry and may increase your the range of operations that you can be employed in. These are not included in the standard 33 week course.

  • Sling Endorsement / External Load
  • Low Level Approval
  • Robinson R44 Training
  • Turbine Endorsement
  • Night Flying Rating
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

Course Costs

For Course costs we invite you to contact us directly by phone or email.

This includes the Theory Course and the 105 Hour Commercial Course. It is exclusive of accommodation, meals, CASA fees.

This costing is based on students completing their licence in the minimum hours as stipulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. If individual progress requires additional flight hours to reach the required competencies then this is charged at the standard hourly rate outside the course package.

Course Outcome / Career Paths

At the completion of the course and successful attainment of required competencies you will be awarded a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence. Armed with this licence you can then progress to a world of opportunities!!

  • Tourist Operations
  • Charter
  • Cattle Mustering
  • Logging
  • Medical Transfers
  • Search and Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Film and Television
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Executive Transfer
  • Survey
  • Animal Control
  • Aerial Photography
  • Energy Exploration
  • Surveillance
  • Training
  • Off-shore Oil Rigs
  • Tuna Spotting
  • Antarctic Research
  • Marine Pilot Transfers
  • Construction
  • Border Security
  • Heli-fishing / Heli-skiing
  • Powerline Maintenance
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Military

Student Accommodation

 More and more overseas students are coming to Australia each year for study. And why not? The clean standard of living, quality amenities and the friendly approach to life of the locals make Australia a relaxed and safe place to live and travel during your course.

Aeropower is located at Redcliffe Aerodrome, 30mins by car north of Brisbane. Redcliffe is a waterside locality with small town feel but all the convenience and facilities of a major centre. It is the gateway for numerous adventure activities, home to a large range of sporting clubs and provides easy access both to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast areas.

In many cases Australia is a long way from home and some students appreciate assistance with finding accommodation.

A number of options are available depending on your budget and the services you require. There are significant resources available online (see the links section below) and Aeropower’s Student Coordinator will work closely with you to find suitable accommodation. We will even work with you to locate transport solutions – right down to the bus number and stop times if you wish.

Our aim is to allow you to concentrate as much as possible on your course and not be distracted or stressed about day-to-day living. Additional information can be found in the Student Handbook or by contacting the Student Coordinator.

Options include:

  1. Rental accommodation
  2. Shared accommodation
  3. Home Stay





If you would like more information on training with Aeropower as an overseas student then please drop us a message.



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