Why Train With Aeropower

The Aeropower Advantage

Save on Landing Fees

Your helicopter training with Aeropower is almost Landing Fee free. You will only pay landing fees when visiting other airports on your navigation exercises. There are no landing fees at Redcliffe.

Save on Air Traffic Control Delays

Don’t waste your time and money burning fuel waiting for clearances or holding at busy airfields. At Redcliffe you will be airborne with no delays so you can get straight into the lesson and start learning.

Our Instructors Aren’t Learning on Your Time

All our instructors have significant industry experience so they are here with one aim – to pass that knowledge on to you. They are not trying to build their hours on your time and money.

Real Time Inflight Tracking

We use Spidertracks GPS technology to track our aircraft position, speed and heading every 2 minutes which is displayed on a map. This brings a new level of safety to our school fleet and your flying training. It is also an invaluable debrief tool for our instructors to use to enhance your lessons.

In-house Engineering Support

All our maintenance is conducted by Aeropower company employees. As a student you have full access to the knowledge and experience of qualified engineers right here in our hangar. Get minor unserviceabilities rectified on the spot with no delay and further your aircraft systems know-how by seeing company aircraft in different stages of servicing.

Location, Location, Location

Aeropower Helicopter Training is easily accessible from and close to Brisbane cutting down your travel time and maximising your range of choice for accommodation and other services. Learning to fly with views over the Glasshouse Mountains, the glorious Moreton Bay and beaches of Bribie Island makes for a brilliant time.

Observe an Operating Helicopter Company

You are conducting your training embedded in an operating helicopter company with domestic and international contracts. See what goes on, gain exposure and learn about the industry while you progress through your course.

Get Out Earning Quicker

We know that if you are training fulltime that you aren’t earning during that period but the bills keep coming. We restrict our student intake so that you don’t become lost in the masses. Your flights are programmed well in advance. You do not sit around wondering if you will actually get into the air that day.

Customer Service Focus

If you’re not happy then we’re not happy. We best maintain a successful business by making sure that you the customer have your needs met and exceeded. Just ask and we will make every attempt to arrange things around your situation so that your helicopter training is an awesome experience.

Employment Support

We pay for every Commercial student to receive over $500 worth of resume creation and interview coaching session from our contracted Human Resources expert with experience in the aviation industry. Combined with the level of flying training you get from Aeropower, this will set you up with the absolute best chances of landing your first job.


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Hangar 32, Redcliffe Aerodrome
Nathan Road, Rothwell 4022
Queensland, Australia

Head Office Phone: (07) 3385 9500
Website: http://aeropowerflightschool.com.au
Email: fly@aeropowerflightschool.com.au


ISO 9001 Certified
RTO No. 2912
CRICOS No. 03250B
Overseas Student Info (Pending)

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